Air ECO Ceiling Fan


  • 24 Inch
  • 36 Inch
  • 48 Inch
  • 56 Inch

Air ECO Ceiling Fan

What do CheteshwarPujara, Rahul Dravid and Airo Eco fans have in common? All of them are consistent performers. The Airo ceiling fan has a high performance HPLV motor and copper winding that allows for uniform air thrust during bad voltage conditions. The motor makes the blades spin at 8800 rpm for ample airflow and ensures proper cooling and ventilation. Also,the Airo has a double ball bearing construction that generates little to no sound, making it the perfect choice for light sleepers and toddlers.Don’t wait, get one on your ceiling today to enjoy relaxing nights and refreshing mornings.

  • Contemporary elegant design.
  • Heavy-duty copper winding for better performance
  • High quality double ball bearings for whisper quiet operations
  • HPLV motor for superior air delivery even at low voltage
  • Wider and longer blades to deliver air in every corner



Gold, Silver, White


24 Inch, 36 Inch, 48 Inch, 56 Inch

Sweep (MM)

600, 900, 1200, 1400

Speed (RPM)


Air Delivery (CMM)

220, 270


2 years