GP METAL Storage Prime Geyser


  • 6 Litre
  • 10 Litre
  • 15 Litre
  • 25 Litre
  • 35 Litre
  • 50 Litre

GP METAL Storage Prime Geyser

  • Pressure Releasing Valve
  • LED Indicators
  • 6 Bar Pressure Rating

Available in 6, 10, 15, 25, 35 & 50-litre capacities and carrying a warranty of 5 years on the inner tank and 2 years on the product, the GP Metal geyser is your one stop solution to all your hot water needs.  Built to satisfy hot water requirements in a multitude of settings, from a nuclear household to a full-fledged hostel, this water heater with a 6 bar rating is more than capable of providing a steady supply of hot water. The geyser heats the water using a high-performance 2KW copper element and keeps it hot using a heavy-gauge SS 304L glass-wool insulated tank. For added safety and absolute peace of mind, the CRC body of the geyser is coated with powder to keep it rust free and has a plethora of safety features like LED indicators, pressure releasing valve and a fusible plug for extra safety.




Powder Coated CRC Body for Long Life


2 KW Heavy Duty Copper Heating Element
Withstanding High Temperature


Pressure Releasing Valve (PRV) + Fusible Plug for Extra Safety


Superior Glass Wool Insulation to Keep Water Hot for much Longer Time


Heavy Gauge SS-304L for Long Life

Bar Rating

6 Bar Pressure Rating


5 years on inner tank & 2 years on product.