Torque Eco Ceiling Fan


  • 48 Inch
  • 56 Inch

Torque Eco Ceiling Fan

If there is something more irritating in summers apart from load shedding, it’s low voltage. Innumerable families have suffered from the plight of a slow spinning fan when the voltage is low. With the GP Eco Torque, you can effectively solve this problem. The Torque ceiling fan comes fitted with a superior HPLV motor that is capable of cooling you even under extremely low voltage situations. The flywheel has lightweight blades of optimum width attached to it to ensure that air flows to every nook and cranny of the room. The superior performance of Torque will impress you and it will be just a matter of days before all the rooms in your dwelling havea Torque in them.

  • Contemporary elegant design.
  • Heavy-duty copper winding for better performance
  • High quality double ball bearings for whisper quiet operations
  • HPLV motor for superior air delivery even at low voltage
  • Wider and longer blades to deliver air in every corner



48 Inch, 56 Inch

Sweep (MM)

1200 / 1400

Speed (RPM)


Air Delivery (CMM)



2 years